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You can integrate with Roistat even if you don't have any CRM or if you wish to customize the integration as quickly as possible.

The leads from your website forms (capture, buy or any other forms) are imported to Roistat. Consequently, you are able to track your statistics in detail: from marketing channels to keywords.

Set up goals

Step 1. Open Settings  Integrations and choose Goals from the Available integrations drop-down menu.

Step 2. When your goal is completed, call the roistatGoal.reach() function.


Step 3. Open Settings  Integrations and click the Goals list link .

The goal will be imported after you confirm the action.

Customize goals

A goal can contain the following parameters:

  • Deal name (leadName)
  • Client's name (name)
  • Phone number (phone)
  • E-mail (email)
  • Order price (price)
  • Goal description (text)


Use jQuery to import real-time data of your website forms.


Below are the examples of a site form and real-time data import script:

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